In Cēsīs there is the most up-to-date juvenile correctional facility in Latvia


"Thanks to the Norwegian financial support, now in Cēsis there is the most up-to-date juvenile correctional facility in Latvia," says Andris Pāže, Head of the Cēsis Juvenile Correctional Facility of the Prison Administration of the Ministry of Justice. "Frankly speaking, now juveniles here live better than some people on the outside."

In spring 2011, the renovated complex of buildings, as well as the newly constructed part – incarceration building – was opened. Now it complies with European Union standards. Every day there is hot water, amenities in each cell and TV available. "Now everyone has his or her private space. Now they do not have to live together. This aspect has improved well-being of the prisoners and their living conditions, thus decreasing considerably the number of offences," Andris Pāže expresses his satisfaction.

Employees of the juvenile correctional facility also appreciate and are happy about the great and positive changes at their work place. "It is much easier and pleasant to work because now everything is adapted to the specific nature of the work. There are rooms for individual work with young people. Previously because of the narrowness it was not possible," say employees.

"We are thankful for the Norwegian support. With the granted financing we received a great possibility to improve living conditions for prisoners that initially were not even close to European requirements and standards. Thank you! I take my hat off before the Norwegian representatives!" says Andris Pāže.