25 May 2020


Nr. Programme Programme operator Approved by the Cabinet of Ministers Donors' approval*  Programme Agreement
EEA Financial Mechanism
LV02 National Climate Policy Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development 31.01.2012. 20.12.2012. 06.03.2013. (with amendments of 03.11.2016.)
LV03 NGO Fund Society Integration Foundation 31.01.2012. 16.08.2012. 06.03.2013. (with amendments of 25.07.2016.)
LV04 Conservation and Revitalisation of Cultural and Natural Heritage Ministry of Culture 14.02.2012. 10.09.2012. 21.02.2013. (with amendments of 06.10.2017.)
LV05 Research and Scholarships** Ministry of Education and Science 06.03.2012. 23.01.2013. 12.04.2013. (with amendments of 24.10.2017.)
Norwegian Financial Mechanism
LV06 Green Industry Innovation Ministry of Economics 28.02.2012. 20.08.2012 21.02.2013. (with amendments of 28.09.2016.)
LV07 Capacity-building and Institutional Cooperation between Beneficiary State and Norwegian Public Institutions, Local and Regional Authorities Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development 06.12.2011. 11.09.2012. 21.02.2013. (with amendments of 02.09.2016.)
LV08 Reform of the Latvian Correctional Services and Police Detention Centres Ministry of Justice/ Ministry of Interior 20.12.2011. 12.11.2012. 06.03.2013. (with amendments of 16.12.2016.)

* In accordance with donor regulations a minimum for evaluation of the programme is 4 months from date when donors received all additional information.

** Programme "Research and Scholarships" is funded by both financial mechanisms.

Programme descriptions approved by the Cabinet of Ministers:

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