26 February 2020

Gender and Minority Mainstreaming conference


On 28-29 November experts in gender and minorities mainstreaming from Norway, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland came together for a two-day conference in Riga to raise awareness around the various dimension of gender and minorities issues. The conference was co-organized by the Society Integration Foundation (SIF) and the Norwegian Embassy in Riga and hosted about 90 participants. SIF is a program operator of EEA Grants Civil Society program in Latvia with total grants amount of 10 365 000 million Euros for NGOs sector.

The overall aim of the conference was to raise awareness on how to integrate GENDER and MINORITY aspects into the EEA/Norway Grant programs, projects and at policy level.

On both conference days Latvian, Norwegian, Lithuanian and Icelandic NGOs were active in exchanging their views and experiences on such topics as minorities traditions, minority integration, minorities and gender mainstreaming in employment policies, combating xenophobia, minority and gender based violence, sexism, multiple discrimination, hate speech, women’s organizations influence on gender policy and anti-racist policy, and others. The participating NGOs were confident in demonstrating that active civil society is a cornerstone of healthy and stable democracy and that NGOs have a vital role in promoting active citizenship, participatory democracy and in empowering groups most at risk of inequalities, exclusion and discrimination. The conference also proved that strengthening of bilateral relations between NGOs and civil society experts in and between the mentioned countries is in progress.

All presentations, summary of the conference and photos are available here.

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