30 March 2020

Call for Project Proposals within Research and Scholarships Programme


Research Organizations from Latvia and accredited higher education institutions, including colleges, from Latvia, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway holding a valid Erasmus University Charter can obtain funding for preparatory visits, by participating in the European Economic Area (EEA) and Norway Grants programme "Research and Scholarships" open call.

Funding is available for preparatory visits prior to developing a project proposal or during its preparation process for participation in the open calls of the programme in activities "Research" and "Scholarships". A preparatory visit can be used to find and get acquainted with potential partners and plan the development of the project proposal together. A preparatory visit can be used to discuss cooperation models, roles, define the aims of further cooperation, tasks, responsibilities, plan of activities for the cooperation, and develop a project proposal. Cooperation with at least one project partner from Donor States (donor project partner) is mandatory.

Maximum amount cannot exceed EUR 1000 per project. The duration of a single visit should normally last up to five days. The eligible costs should only include the following positions: travel costs, accommodation costs, per diem (in accordance with applicable national scales), insurance costs, local transport costs.

The State Education Development Agency (SEDA) will organize two workshops – on 14th and 25th November 2013 to talk about the preparation of project applications.

The application should be either delivered in person on work days or sent by registered mail until 22.12.2013 (for prioritary projects – until 08.12.2013) to SEDA at the address 1 Vaļņu Street, Riga, LV-1050.

Detailed information about the Call and the Programme, as well as the registration form for seminars is available at SEDA home page.

The Scholarship activity will fund student and academic staff mobility activities between Latvian and Icelandic, Liechtenstein or Norwegian higher education institutions.

The Research activity will fund joint research projects involving Latvian and Norwegian research institutions in the thematic areas:

  • Social sciences and humanities and/or;
  • Health (including aspects related to pharmaceuticals, biomedicine and prevention).

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