26 February 2020

2nd Call for Proposals Under "NGO Project Measure" is Announced


Society Integration Foundation announces the second open call for proposals under "NGO Project Measure" of the EEA Grants 2009-2014 programme "NGO fund" in Latvia.

Objective of the NGO Fund is to strengthen civil society development and to provide support to social justice, democracy and sustainable development. The funding available for projects under the NGO Fund is provided by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism (95% of the funding) and the Republic of Latvia (5% of the funding). Project promoters ensure at least 10% co-financing of the project total eligible expenditure.

The total amount available through the call is EUR 2 171 652 (EUR 253 829 for micro projects and EUR 1 917 823 for medium and macro projects). Amount available for strengthening bilateral partnerships for medium and macro Project applicants is EUR 56 953.

The deadline for submission of micro project applications is January 23, 2014 (post stamp), at 17:00 local time (hand-delivery). The deadline for submission of the 1st part of medium and macro project applications is December 2, 2013 (post stamp), at 18:00 local time (hand-delivery).

Project applications can be submitted in one of the following ways:

  • submitted online through the Electronic Project Management System of the Society Integration Foundation (PEVS), access through website: In order to get access to the online project application tool a respective agreement with the Society Integration Foundation shall be signed;
  • in one paper copy with an enclosed electronic copy submitted by hand-delivery or by regular mail addressed to: Society Integration Foundation, Brīvības iela 40-39, Riga, Latvia, LV-1050;
  • in one electronic copy signed with an secure electronic signature and certified with a time-stamp submitted by e-mail addressed to: (micro projects), (medium and macro projects);

Informative seminars on preparation of a project application will take place between 14 October and 1 November 2013 in Riga and the regions. Please follow the information on the SIF's homepage.

Guidelines for Applicants and project application forms are available on the SIF's website: For additional information please send an e-mail to:

Objective of the NGO Project Measure is to promote increase of welfare, strengthen democratic values and respect for human rights in Latvia, providing financial support to projects implemented by NGOs in two areas of support: social sector activities and development of cohesive society.

Eligible applicants are associations and foundations established in Latvia that are non-profit voluntary organisations, established as a legal entity, having a non-commercial purpose, acting for the public good, independent of local, regional and central government, public entities, political parties and commercial organisations.

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