23 July 2019

The Cabinet of Ministers supports concept note project of EEA Financial Mechanism programme “International Police Cooperation and Combating Crime”


On 28th August 2018 the Cabinet of Ministers revised the order project “On concept note project for EEA Financial Mechanism co-financed programme “International Police Cooperation and Combating Crime”” drawn up by the Ministry of Interior, which focuses on increased effectiveness in combating and preventing economic crime and strengthening a child-friendly justice.

Economic crime continues to be a serious issue, therefore in the framework of programme the cooperation between law enforcement agencies in preventing and combating economic crime will be strengthened, developing a software for interagency information exchange, enhancing knowledge and skills of professionals, developing digital whistle-blowing complaint platform against corruption and improving infrastructure.

Child victims do not receive sufficiently effective and efficient support and treatment in Latvia, therefore in the framework of the programme the implementation of the Barnahus concept in Latvia also will be supported. It is a child-friendly centre whereby different professionals work under one roof in investigating suspected cases of violence against child and providing appropriate support for child victims.

With Cabinet of Ministers order “On concept note project for EEA Financial Mechanism co-financed programme “International Police Cooperation and Combating Crime”” on 28th of August 2018 further development of the programme for submission to the EEA Financial Mechanism Office was supported. The Ministry of the Interior has been designated as responsible institution for the implementation of the programme. It is foreseen to implement the programme by 31st December 2024. Total funding of the programme is EUR 17 647 059, where grant from EEA Financial Mechanism is 85% or EUR 15 000 000, and co-funding from Latvian state budget is 15% or EUR 2 647 059.

The programme concept note, supported by the Cabinet of Ministers, including the description of the project, objectives and results to be achieved can be found here: http://tap.mk.gov.lv/lv/mk/tap/?pid=40462229&mode=mk&date=2018-08-28

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