3 April 2020

The Cabinet of Ministers supports concept note project of Norwegian Financial Mechanism programme "Climate Change Mitigation, Adaptation and Environment"


On 7th August 2018 the Cabinet of Ministers revised the order project "On concept note project for Norwegian Financial Mechanism co-financed programme "Climate Change Mitigation, Adaptation and Environment"" drawn up by The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (MoEPRD), which focuses on climate change mitigation, adaptation and remediation of historically polluted sites.

Climate change is one of the challenges affecting economic and social development in Europe and Latvia. It influences the sustainability of society, the potential for economic growth, the state of ecosystems, as well as quality of life.

The Programme will be implemented by way of two pre-defined projects and an open call. MoEPRD and the Ministry of Agriculture in cooperation with project partners from Latvia and Norway will implement pre-defined projects. Activities planned within the projects include adjustment of sectoral policies – so that other sectors in their policy-making process are more aware of and take responsibility for their impact on GHG emissions and carbon dioxide (CO2) sinks, as well as are competent about climate change related impacts and are capable to minimise climate change related risks. Updated soil information, soil carbon storage monitoring system and country-specific GHG emission factors will provide the necessary information for planning of climate mitigation, sustainable land management and will improve the GHG emission calculation system.

At least 3 remediation projects with an aim to recover historically polluted sites will be supported within open call. The aim of remediation activities is to improve environmental conditions in the contaminated sites and around them, as well as to reduce the risk to humans and the environment.

With Cabinet of Ministers order No. 368 "On concept note project for Norwegian Financial Mechanism co-financed programme "Climate Change Mitigation, Adaptation and Environment"" of 8th August 2018 further development and implementation of the programme was supported. MoEPRD has been designated as the responsible institution for the implementation of the programme. It is planned that the implementation of the projects will start in the second half of 2019.

Implementation period of the programme is from 1st January 2018 till 31st December 2024. Total funding of the programme is EUR 16 470 588, where grant from Norwegian Financial Mechanism is 85% or EUR 14 000 000, and co-funding from Latvian state budget is 15% or EUR 2 470 588.

The programme concept note, supported by the Cabinet of Ministers, including the description of the project, objectives and results to be achieved can be found here.

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