3 April 2020

The tickets to the ClimateLaunchpad2016 European Final have received three teams


In 2014 a novel business support programme ClimateLaunchpad was established to help European green business ideas grow to scalable cleantech startups. Well received in 30 countries, the initiative has become the world’s largest cleantech business ideas programme in only 3 years. Start-ups, entrepreneurs, researchers and employees dreaming of starting their own business are invited to submit their cleantech ideas and judged on their impact on climate change, their growth potential and enthusiasm of the team.

With more than 600 applications across Europe this year, eight teams from Latvia were accepted to ClimateLaunchpad Latvia program offering tailor made mentoring for cleanteach startups and teams with an aim to turn the ideas into solid companies. The participants received a two-day business boot camp and a series of focused coaching sessions to prepare for national finals taking place in Riga on August 2nd. The teams stared on stage and pitched their business ideas to a professional jury – Toby Moore, managing partner of Imprimatur Capital, Maija Kāle, adviser at Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia, Baiba Apine, senior manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Voldemārs Brēdiķis, board member of LatBan, and Andris Orniņš, respresentative of BDO Latvia.

The tickets to the ClimateLaunchpad2016 European Final in Tallinn have received three teams:

1st prize: CompHeat proposes an industrial composting reactor to produce heat (~ 700 C), weed and disease free compost and climate neutral CO2. Thanks to their metabolism processes, the biomass can heat up over 70 oC, but the optimum temperatures are lower, so the excess heat can be utilized.

2nd prize: Beei In, which is a natural alternative for food storage at home. The product is made from natural beeswax and cotton cloth. Wrap in it cheese, bread, vegetables, fruits, herbs or simply put it over a bowl of salad. Warmth of your hands helps to mold the product in any shape and helps to reduce the food waste.

3rd prize: Farmair is a drone as a Service (DaaS) company which provides smart orchard monitoring and misting solutions. Drones are able to detect plant decease possibility in real-time before it has occurred. Farmair drones are capable of carrying extra weight so if plant decease is detected, fertilizer can be applied immediately to the area where it is needed.

Let’s cross fingers for their spectacular performance in Tallin, October 8th !

ClimateLaunchpad Latvia is organized by Green Technology Incubator and Climate-KIC in cooperation with Norden – Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia, and powered by PricewaterhouseCoopers, BDO Latvia, Reihmanis&Partners and Exigen Services.

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