26 February 2020

“Z(in)oo” surprises and teaches


Laughter, curious looks, countless surprises for children. This is what awaits every big and small citizen and visitor of Cēsis when opening the door of the children scientific centre "Z(in)oo" in Cēsis. It is a place where children can show their curiosity, learn and understand natural sciences in an exciting way.

With financial support of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism and Norwegian Financial Mechanism in 2011 in Cēsis a centre was established and opened where it is possible to understand various physics laws, one’s competence and spend free time in a useful way. Moreover, visitors do it actively, as the centre is full every day. In 2014, the centre had 13 000 visitors. And this number grows constantly. Visitors are from Latvia, as well as abroad. 

"References of visitors about the centre are very good," says "Z(in)oo" Project Manager Emīls. "It is no surprise that people come back here! Parties, cooperative events are organized here. Schools invite us, and in this year we began to conduct classes."

"Z(in)oo" employs 13 persons. They are also satisfied with the possibility to entertain visitors and welcome new people every day. "It is a place where we can improve our competence as well!" says the collective.

Briefly one can say about the project – "Through difficulties to the stars!" Representative of the Cēsis Municipality Laine Madelāne tells how everything began and succeeded. "During the implementation of the project there were a number of delays. In 2009, a regional reform took place when district councils were reorganized (the project applicant was the district council). Therefore the Cēsis Municipality took over the already launched project with the initial idea to create something similar to a business incubator, but the Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIDA) and the Ministry of Economics developed an incubator programme and it became known that there would be a LIDA incubator in Cēsis. It was necessary to review the concept and an idea arose to establish a scientific centre. While the concept was in the process of development, time went … Considering that the initial project was planned as an incubator, the technical project itself needed re-planning. However, the initially complex idea turned out into a very beautiful result! A wrack was totally renovated within the framework of the project" Laine does not hide delight about the successful result.

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