26 February 2020

Tourists from all over the world find a medieval feeling in Cēsis


From the very beginning the overall panorama of Cēsis has been beautified with a complex of medieval castle. In order to avoid the loss of its initial beauty over centuries and years, citizens of Cēsis with Norwegian financial support have recently replaced the roofing of the Western Tower. The out-of-date roof shingles were replaced by clay tiles. In the result, the roof of the tower regained its look as it was created in 1914 and is now open for visitors.

Visitors can access cellar of the tower and the hall on the first floor of the tower, but from the path to the attic there are winding stairs now available to visitors. However, conservation is still going on in the Master’s Hall and it will be open to visitors when the work will be completed in autumn 2015.

In 2013 and 2014, the Cēsis Medieval Castle was on average visited by 25 thousand people. Approximately half of them were domestic tourists. From abroad majority of tourists came from Russia, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, USA and Canada.

Majority of visitors are positively surprised by the extent of preserved medieval castle ruins. Visitors also appraise authenticity of the castle ruins.

A German tourist Adela vising Cēsīs for the second time. "I think Cēsis is a small, but very beautiful and tourism-oriented town. I am very happy to come back here and see that the town takes care of the historical heritage and revives it. It attracts more and more locals as well as guests. In Cēsis I find a medieval feeling, and to maintain it today is a great challenge. I would like to thank Cēsis for hospitality and such a beautiful and impressive tourism object – the medieval castle, which it does not forget to maintain and revive!" says Adela.

Employees evaluate this project positively because in the result of the project the roof of the Western Tower looks more esthetical. Thanks to extensive conservation of external and internal walls visits to the tower are made safer and more comfortable (renovation of the second winding stairs) for employees fulfilling their everyday duties, as well as many visitors of the medieval castle.

Tour guides of the castle appraise this project in particular because after its completion it will be possible to use in full the Master’s Hall and other premises of the Western Tower for live depiction of the history (theatricalized excursions). Representatives of the castle are in particular satisfied with the fact that works are done by local contractors.

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