19 February 2020

Finance Minister Janis Reirs: Latvia’s inhabitants appraise the support provided by the EEA/Norwegian Financial Mechanisms


On Thursday, June 11, in the Ministry of Finance (MoF) the annual meeting of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Norwegian Financial Instruments took place. During the meeting representatives of the Ministry together with the representatives of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Financial Mechanism Office and Norwegian Embassy in Latvia discussed the implementation of EEA/Norwegian Financial Mechanisms and progress of programme implementation in 2014–2015.

Currently active project implementation is going on. For the implementation of EEA/Norwegian Financial Mechanisms in Latvia the net funding provided is 67.1 million euro. The goal of investments is to prevent social and economic inequalities in the EEA, as well as to strengthen bilateral relationships with donors and beneficiary country. Now 22 % of the total financing or 14.7 million euro have been used. It is planned that all programmes will be completed in 2017.

“Norwegian financial investments in Latvia contribute to the welfare of our citizens and give real benefits to the society. This support is felt not only in the capital but also in near and far regions of Latvia where through the projects new jobs and diverse services are being created, culture heritage preserved and developed. Inhabitants appraise the support provided by the Norwegian funding”, notes Finance Minister Janis Reirs.

Having listened to MoF reports Norwegian representatives highly appreciated cooperation, attitude and the work done to implement the programmes. Norwegian representatives informed that Latvia is still showing one of the best achievements among other beneficiary countries in terms of the programme implementation. MoF and Norwegian representatives recognized that close and successful cooperation had been developed.

Both parties also acknowledged that even more could be achieved learning from previous experience and focusing on results while simplifying different procedures. The Norwegian party emphasized the importance of strengthening bilateral relationships in different fields and invited Latvia to do its utmost to achieve this goal, in particular in EEA/Norwegian Financial Mechanisms financed programmes and projects.

Within the framework of the meeting the Norwegian delegation made three project on-site visits in Cesis – Cesis correctional institution for juveniles, scientific centre “Z(i)oo”, and Cesis Medieval Castle, as well as listened to the Latvian Red Cross presentation about improvements introduced to the quality of live for people subject to the risk of social exclusion in cooperation with the Norwegian Red Cross. Norwegian partners in particular emphasized the latter as a success story when with a negligible amount of financial support it is possible to achieve so much.

More information about the programmes of the Financial Mechanisms is available here.

Photos from the annual meeting and visits to Cesis.

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